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Yorkshire photography

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Carrying out my photography of the Holderness Plains I'm visiting Sunk Island and the surrounding areas. I love this wide open rural landscape with its uncluttered views and remarkably straight horizons. It's easy to get lost, to lose my sense of where I am. There are no big landmarks for me to follow, and for me that is part of its joy. For people who live there, it is their home, their livelihood, and the place they return to at the end of the day. For me its a place I visit and then leave, until I return again.


My photography is minimally processed, I've visited the area in thick fog, brilliant sunshine and when the wind just about blows me off my feet. When I take photographs I want to portray a landscape that connects me to my youth, growing up on a farm on the coastal edge of the Holderness Plains. To me it isn't pretty or romantic, and I love it. It conjures up memories of working the land, often on my own with no other company than crows and seabirds.


If you are interested in the area, a rare find (I found mine online) is the book 'SUNK ISLAND, the Land that rose from the Humber' written by John Whitehead, with maps by Peter Wykes, 1991 (ISBN 0 948929 30 8) it offers a wonderful insight into its history.


Some of these Images were featured on                     7th April 2017

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