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Isolation, looking inward, looking outward.... honest, no frills observations of the landscape I grew up in. Photographed in less than ideal light circumstances - sometimes..


I'm photographing the landscape, close to home and further afield. Looking at the seasons, nature, texture, people and space... this project has come about through my love of big skies, wide open spaces and the influence of growing up on a farm in an isolated location.


I know there will be those who will look at these photographs and say how badly processed they are, plain, dull and uninteresting. It's a challenge for me to convey my memories through photographs that aren't typically beautiful. However I am sharing a story of a life growing up on a farm and the things that surrounded me. I am also using old equipment, well past it's 'sell by date'. My project isn't about sharing my technical ability with my camera. I am seeking the emotion of the place, the emotion within me. Aspects of this landscape are changing, including those who farm it. Ageing, passing away and if we are lucky, sometimes developing the landscape for the future.


The landscape I capture reflects these different aspects of rural communities. And I must do this through my photography.

Yorkshire photography

Fiona Caley

Yorkshire photographer